mEaNinG Of LiFE

Life Some people might say life sucks or life is full of shit While other people say life is beautiful or life is full of surprises I must say, I agree with all those Life is whatever you think of it..and everything you think of it Life is what you make it of it and what you say of it. Life is about sadness Life is about happiness Life is about pain Life is miserable Life is about loss Life is about smiling Life is about crying Life is about love Life is about laughter Life is about learning from your mistakes Life is horrible Life is dumb Life is awesome Life is depression Life is tears Life is sorrow Life is anxiety Life is Bullshit Life stinks Life sucks I could go on and on and tell you all about life But I'm not here to sort this out for you cuz.. Life is all about you and how you treat it You criticizes it...well, you're actually criticizing yourself You like it, you hate it..well, its all up to you Life is you so be careful how you describe it

Meaning of BeAuTiFUL

choosed my mother for ' beautiful'. I can proudly say that she is visually beautiful. She turns into 50 this year and yet everyone thinks she is in early 40s (haha_seriously!). Even if i look at her objectively, not as my mum and myself being a third person, she is the most beautiful woman i have ever met. Moreover, she is a person who possesses a matured spirit which makes her appearance more glow. She understands everything about our family and she supports us by sacrificing herself. I believe the word 'MOTHER' is the most beautiful thing because they are the ones who knows how to sacrifice themselves for others without the expectation of the reward. Relating to my work, I believe people is the motivation of the architecture and for me, she is my inspiration.